Meet Dani



Let's just skip right over the whole here is my awkward cheesy smile, I don't know where to stand and go right into the real stuff! Real laughs, real smiles, real moments for you and for generations after you to look back on. I believe in treating each client as a friend and going into each session relaxed and prepared. By the end of it, you will totally trust my crazy ideas! If you are down for chasing sunsets, going back to where your first date was, or snuggling at home with your pets...I'm your gal!

I believe there is a FRIENDS quote for every occasion, yellow tulips should really be in season all year round. If you are headed on a road trip to find the best cheesy side attractions, or just want have a spontaneous trip to Wegmans, I’ll grab my camera and pack my bags!

Most days you'll find me snuggled in my office with some iced sweet tea, pretending to be a lion tamer with my three cats, and deciding which true crime drama to watch next on Netflix…or scary movie… which might also explain why I still sleep with a little ole nightlight.

I grew up in the boondocks on a tiny little sunflower farm..where I learned quick how to run barefoot in a field, jump into creek beds, cuss a little more than I should…and explore the woods deeper than the other kids in town.

Tim, my other half, still gives me butterflies after all these years together (8 in fact) and continually supports all my crazy ideas without a second thought. He also keeps me supplied with cinnamon buns…which is obviously the key to a long lasting relationship!

While based in the Finger Lakes, New York (Clyde, New York), I love traveling wherever my camera and big ideas take me. I truly believe there is beauty all around us, we just have to look for it….and sometimes we find it in the most unexpected spots.

- Dani


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I am passionate about not only creating beautiful memories for you to cherish, but offering a completely wonderful experience to you as well. Capturing your precious moments over poses in a timeless, creative way that will be treasured for years to come. Imagine looking back at your grandparents wedding album …and noticing how everyone wore their hair…what the dresses looked like..all captured for YOU to look at now while planning your own wedding or event.

After graduating from Sage College with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Photography, I photographed my very first wedding for a friend..with nothing but a borrowed camera and high hopes.. and from then on I was completely hooked. I fell in love with love stories..with watching parents hug their babies as they grew up so quickly, watching a bride anxiously waiting to walk down the aisle and noticing a groom fiddling with his wedding band after the ceremony. I felt as if I was part of the family by the end of event. It was a turning point for me in my career…that if I was I going to do this…I was going to give it 150% to each couple and no less.

Creating a strong sense of community with other creatives is also very important to me. Currently, I am Vice president of Professional Photographers of Central New York, a photography based community centered around education, building small businesses and client experiences. By working together we can create a creative community that surpasses our highest expectations!

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From choosing outfits, scouting the perfect location and building your confidence from the moment we begin our session..providing you with an experience that will forever remembered as fun, exciting and cherished is my No. 1 goal!Take a glance at my ‘Praise’ page to hear from my incredible clients. Creating the perfect mix of basic poses (you know..the ones grandma likes to hang on the wall), infused with natural candid & scenic imagery. Following my clients around on their bucket list dates, watching families grow, and capturing all those little in between moments..It’s what I LOVE and what I do!

When booking a session with me, you become a client for life, and I become your biggest cheerleader from start to finish!

Let’s Be Friends!