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Hey there! 

I'm Dani...the artist behind the camera, the one crying during your wedding vows, the one killing it on the dance floor right next to you and the one who is always gearing up for the next adventure we are headed on. 

I think every day should start with snuggles from my two cats ( Oreo & Oakley) and Chai Lattes. I believe there is a Friend's quote for every occasion and if yellow tulips are at the florist shop they are defiantly coming home with me. Tim, my partner in crime, is still giving me butterflies after all these years together. I love finding new places to explore, especially in the Adirondack & Smokey Mountains. And if tacos or donuts are involved.. I am 100% there!

After graduating college with Bachelor's degree in Fine Art Photography, I was bit by the wedding bug ( which is a very real thing...BTW). I shot my first wedding with one of my best friends, and I was hooked. I fell in love with watching Brides anxiously waiting to walk down the isle, Grooms fiddling with their wedding bands after the ceremony, and feeling as if I was part of the family by the end of it all. I love bringing a fine art and creative edge to the events I am honored to have the opportunity to be apart of. 

As a photographer, one of my most important jobs is capturing moments you may not have even realized are going on. Memories that are not only for you to look back on, but also for generations to come.  Photographs are a precious item, they remind us of who someone once was, a lost memory we had forgotten, and bring us back to our childhood.   From working closely with my clients, Some of them are now my closest friends! I get to watch them become parents, reach milestones and fall in all over again, capturing each step along the way. 

I am not afraid to photograph you just being yourself! Playing board games as a family, grabbing a drink at the spot where you had your first date, or simply enjoying a sunset together. I thrive on capturing moments that represent YOU.  Real laughs, real tears, and real moments that tell your story and show true expressions.

While based in the Finger Lakes, New York, I love traveling all over to photograph couples, weddings, and families.  I truly believe there is beauty all around us, we just have to look for it. 

- Dani

" Today, I choose Joy..."