WE'RE ENGAGED! Piseco Lake, New York | Tim & Dani

Piseco Lake, New York | Engagement Session |

WE ARE ENGAGED!! I still cannot even believe that it happened! The word Fiance’ is still so strange..but damn this ring feels so good on my finger!

Tim & I met 8 years ago, when we both worked at the outlet mall..our stores were next to each other and we would casually have lunch or something from the chocolate store together as work friends. We found out we both were getting our wisdom teeth taken out within the same week of each other, and lets be honest here, the butterflies had already started LONG before the dentist came into play. Tim brought me some blue jell-o as a get well gift, and not long after that we became partners in crime.

A little less than a year later Tim asked me to move to Nashville with him for a job opportunity and I said YES! We worked out butts off together, figured out how to navigate a big city without our family and came out on top. 3 years after that we moved home to help with my mother who was fighting her battle with AML, which she lost not long afterwards. We decided together through out the loss, the grief, and trying to navigate life..we would stick out together….we were all in.

Now…lets get to the good stuff shall we? THE PROPOSAL! From what I have been told, Tim had this little beauty of a ring under our bed for weeks! I had no idea…really had no idea! He asked my family, and good friends..which now explain why everyone was avoiding me for the past month!

We hiked up Panther mountain, with Photo Pal Sheena, who was doing a session with us for our anniversary. Man that hike was long one before we got to the top, but that view was worth it!! Sheena had us in prompts and poses, and during the last one, she had Tim creep behind me for a bear hug…he totally faked me out and went through with the prompt!

Tim had the ring in his boot, and was struggling to get it out. while Sheena was trying to distract me from turning around. When he said my name, I turned around and said “OH SHIT!” ( Just keeping it real here guys!) We all got a little teary eyed, and when Tim really showed me the ring, he spotted the little yellow stones in the sides…which are my mother’s birthstone. That’s when the ugly cries started <3

I could not have ask for a better evening, better photographer to capture it, and better person to spend my life with. The ring…really is just a big bonus! Thank you to every single person who has reached out and congratulated us, wished up luck and those who were in on the whole deal! We love you all so very much!

<3 Dani

PS Check out Sheena’s beautiful work here! https://www.torrentphotography.com/