30th Birthday Donuts Smash | Finger Lakes, New York

30th Birthday Donuts Smash | Dani T Photography | Finger Lakes, New York

Here I am…one year into Club 30! Well..technically I am one year in as it is my 31st birthday today! I always dreaded hitting my 30’s, but to be honest..so far they are pretty fantastic. My twenties were filled with some of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, I lost my best friend & mother, we moved 3 times in 4 years..GUYS it was just A LOT! I was ready for a break…I was ready to finally just BE.

So here I was last year….about to hit 30…with no clue what in the world I was going to do for the next decade..who was going to celebrate with me. And I thought lets do something really weird & amazing…a donuts smash from my favorite bakery! I immediately called up my photo gal pal Mindy, of Mindy Hulett Photography and we planned it out. We had blast together with confetti guns and sprinkles! Fun fact..the small park where we shot this had construction worker about 100 feet away from us while I am shoving donuts in my face and Mindy was snappy away! I was covered in frosting, sprinkles, grass clippings and it was fabulous!

It’s been a full year since we shot this together…and this year, the first one of my 30’s has been just as fabulous as that donuts smash. It’s been full of goals, relationships made & lost, finding an incredible career path, travels, many many more donuts. Embrace your 30’s! Have the 80’s dance parties, the champagne toasts to the next year, reach out to those who you miss or want to get to know, and keep on figuring out our best self! Happy birthday to me, and here’s to the next 31 amazing years!

xoxo Dani

Images take by Mindy Hulett Photography