Lyons, New York Farm Engagement Session | Eric & Meghan

Lyons, New York | Dani T Photography | Country Engagement Session

Incorporating hobbies, jobs or special locations into your engagement session is so much fun! Eric & Meghan met in their younger years while both in the farming industry! So what better location than to celebrate their engagement at the farm where Eric works?! They even brought their pup along for the trip!

How did you meet?!

“Eric and i actually met doing 4H and Dairy BBQ events when we were 16. We dated for about 8 months and split up. We were always friends on Facebook,one day i noticed pictures from and accident on his page and I reached out to see if he was okay. We talked for a few months but never got serious. Then about 8 months later we got together and stayed together. We joke about that 3 times is the charm!” - Meghan

Meghan, 4 words to describe Eric : Tall, farmer, simple, country
Eric, 4 word to describe Meghan : Strong willed, stubborn, smart, determined