Louisville Kentucky Workshop Trip

Louisville, KY | Bobbi Photo Workshop | Dani T Photography

A few weeks ago you may have noticed on my instagram a peek at what I was doing visiting a some southern locations! Well….here is the news…I was taking a workshop I have been dreaming about for years hosting by Bobbi Photo! If you are not following her work…stop what you are doing and go that right now..here : www.bobbiphoto.com . Bobbi’s workshop ( and Meg$$ too!) was both inspiriting, eyeopening and rejuvinating to get me ready for wedding season and to make my future couples by storm!

I met some amazing women at this workshop, we cried, laughed and even tried out some salsa dancing bars together! We also found the worlds most amazing chocolate chip cookies, at bakery called “Please and Thank you!”. I am STILL dreaming about those cookies!

I also went on a little side trip to Dino World! So. One of my favorite things is road trips, I love the long drives, the music the locations I find..and best of all the cheesy…cheap road side attractions ( Helloooo biggest building in the shape a basket I found one time!) Dino world was no acceptation to the amazingness that ensued here! ( PS. If anyone wants to totally shoot a session at Dino World…I am game..JUST SAYING!)

Don’t be afraid to go solo no trips…to explore new road side oddities..and to follow your inspirations along the way! I cannot wait to go back to Louisville an explore all these amazing hidden gems there. Thank you to Bobbi & Megan for hosting us, and continuing to be real in your work and knowing that we are all enough as artists!

See Bobbi’s full blog of this amazing session here : http://www.bobbiphoto.com/lily-chandler/

Disclaimer : All images taken with iPhone. Low quality is to be expected as DSLRS were not suggested during the workshop to fully absorb all the knowledge during the classes!