What is your "WHY?"

I was asked recently what my "why" was for being a photographer. This image right here is my why. It's one of the few images I have of me and my mother when I was a child. It's one of my most treasured images now that she is gone.

I hear EVERYDAY " I don't like my picture taken." " I am terrible in front of the camera". GUESS WHAT in 10, 20, 30 years your kids, your grandkids, YOU will want pictures of yourself with those you love. Because when the person you love most in the world is gone..its all you have left. A few single images...most of which are probably stored on your smart phone.

It doesn't have to be a holiday..or someones birthday....it can be an ordinary Wednesday night. It can be you making pizza together in your kitchen, snuggling on the couch with your significant other. Whatever makes you..YOU..thats the business I am in, of capturing authenticity of you in your element. When was the last time you had your picture taken by a professional? When was the last time your parents or grandparents had a session of just the two of them together? I am guessing its been a while..since they are the ones probably always taking the pictures of their loved ones.

TAKE THE TIME. It is 2 hours out of your schedule...an investment that is worth every penny for generations after you to look back on. Images of their heritage..of where they came from..and what love looked like after 30, 40 or even 50 years. <3

This is my why. THIS is why I choose to do this. It's not an easy or glamorous life by any means...but every session, every couple, family I meet and love story I capture along the way is worth it to me. THANK YOU to each and every single one of my clients who have made this choice into a career for me..NONE of this would be possible without any of you. <3

Danielle Thorn