Couple's Lifestyle Session | Justin & Mindy

Sterling, New York | Couple’s Lifestyle Session | Justin & Mindy

It all started with a dress. This beautiful, velvet, indigo blue dress. Which turned into Mindy, who is also an incredible photographer at Mindy Hulett Photography, and I brain storming all these ideas together of the perfect way to capture her and her hubby the dress of course!

It seemed like the weather was NEVER in our favor as we spent time planning this out. Every dang weekend a snow storm would hit, or the light was never just right. Until one morning, we all woke up at 7am and made it happen! We froze our butts off, and headed inside to Mindy & Justin’s breathtaking home, lit a fire and snuggled in for an in home session! Our entire session ended up being more than we even dreamed up, and Mindy’s pup Sully stole the show for some of the images! I cannot wait to collaborate on more session with Mindy! Stay tuned for some incredible creative meet ups!